Seeking Submissions: Journal of Ogam Studies 2017

The Journal of Ogam Studies: Seeking Submissions for Summer 2017


We are currently seeking submissions for inclusion in the issue for release in Summer 2017. Significant contributions (of 5+ pages) will receive a free copy of the journal or an A5 advertising space to promote your book or initiative. Shorter submissions will receive a digital edition of the journal.

We welcome research pieces, profiles on individual ogham stones, links between ogham and tree medicine, esoteric interpretations, linguistic research, innovative applications, as well as artistic renderings of ogham studies from artwork to poetry. The editorial can be reached at:

If you know of interested individuals or interesting voices please pass this on.

Deadline for submissions: 1st June 2017


The first volume of the Journal of Ogam Studies was published in 2003, to include the research of Fr. Stoirm. This research was later integrated into the book The Poets Ogam: A Living Magical Tradition by the same author. The original vision was to create a space where ogam research, both academic and as a living system could be presented side by side, as well as artistic renderings of the ogam. We would like to create a space for inspiration, dialogue and cross pollination. We published a 2nd issue in April 2016 and would like to continue with this project by releasing a 3rd at the Summer Solstice (late June) 2017.


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