Seeking Submissions: Fortified Island #7

Fortified Island is the Journal of the Irish Order of Thelema, and focuses on Western esotericism and specifically Thelema. We feature a broad range of contributors from diverse backgrounds. In the last few issues we have been increasingly curating content by soliciting contributions on a specific theme and commissioning content from specific people.

We welcome: articles, artwork, poetry, book reviews, magical records, ritual and more

We have an issue theme of “Doorway of Perception” (including material on Energised Enthusiasm, visions, trance, channeling, rising on the planes, skrying, altered states of consciousness, conversing with spirits etc)

So please consider helping to build a genuinely diverse journal of Thelema by making a contribution. I am happy to discuss ideas.

Issue deadline: end of February (published at the Vernal Equinox)

Submissions to: