Samhain 2016ev

Samhain was a poignant celebration of our ancestors, marked with an adaptation of the Drink to the Dead ritual and was led by our hard-working and long standing Grove Head. The Priestess wore a dark veil and spoke ceremonially with the ‘voice of the dead.’ The attitude of ‘no fear’ of Thelema and death as a the crown of life was also celebrated in the ritual. Perhaps one of the most moving moments was at end when everyone approached the Altar of the Dead and acknowledged their own lost loved ones. Past members who have passed beyond the veil were also commemorated with honour, namely our founding Grandmaster Wolfe and our dear Brother Storm-Bringer-their selfless dedication to Thelema and the work of the Order ever inspires our hearts. A wonderful homemade feast followed and was opened with a period of reflective silence. We were also very pleased to have an inactive member return after many years and welcomed many new guests to our sacred space, at least one of whom has already asked for formal membership.