Settling The Manor At Tara Part 7

Part 1: Introduction 
Part 2: Models and Mandalas of Contemporary Initiation
Part 3: The Provinces and Their Attributes
Part 4: The Masters and the Treasures
Part 5: Elemental Attributes
Part 6: Thelemic Initiation Through The Provinces
Part 7: Afterword

Part 7: Afterward

This journey through the provinces and through Irish myth is also a journey through the landscape of our lived experience. Beyond the information of this series there is a living breathing community, a body of initiates actively working with these symbols. We are always receptive to hearing from people interested in our Work.

For those who feel in accord with our work we encourage you to look at our Introductory brochure which offers a broad overview of our work.

After this you may wish to look at our constitution which offers further overview of the journey through the provinces in the initiations of the Irish Order of Thelema.

Finally contact us and see how you can be actively involved with our ongoing work.