Turas Istigh: Fortified Island #8 Out Now!

Turas Istigh, the eight volume of the Irish Order of Thelemas journal is based on the fiancient cosmology of Ireland as described in primary medieval texts. Fionn takes a journey through the provinces, looking at their qualities, lessons and correspondences. In between are personal anecdotes looking at the land as mother, and characteristics of his own mother as exemplifying and reflecting the Irish provinces. At the core of the book are a series of inward journey’s, meeting animal guides and the four wise teachers of the directions to build an inner grove. This book is unique in its subject matter, style and subtle blending of the personal and the universal in the quest for an authentically rooted Irish spiritual tradition.


“Turas Istigh is an epic initiatory journey through the provinces of Ireland charting the ancient cosmology and geomantic nature of the Island.” John-Paul Patton, poet and author of The Poets Ogam


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