Scoil Fis: The Way of the Warrior Poet

A Training in Mysticism and Magic, Focusing on the Irish Magical Tradition

Scoil Fis is a 7 month course running the last Saturday of every month, being hosted by the Irish Order of Thelema to educate participants in the Way of the Warrior-Poet. The school draws upon traditional Gaelic Heritage and the general Western Mystery Tradition and seeks to provide a practical reconstruction of such for the times we live in.

These workshops are cumulative and only those who make a commitment to attend all seven will be admitted.

The course will be taught by a faculty of senior initiates of the Irish Order of Thelema, each of whom has over 20 years experience in exploring the subject matter.

The content outlined below is for guidance and is open to change both before hand and on the day depending on the facilitator and the students needs. Participants should bring a journal to each class.

The first workshop on Saturday 28th Oct will focus on the martial arts and will involve practical, physical self-defence training including: striking, blocking, disengagements and basic weapons training. There will also be subtle energy defence training including: use of banishing rituals, purification, magical combat techniques and making an astral temple. Participants should dress in loose comfortable clothing and trainers and bring a magical sword or dagger if you have one.

The second workshop on Saturday 25th Nov will focus on developing the ‘Spirit or Astral Body’ and on the Arts of stilling the body and soul, poetic vision and Journeying within. Bring a cauldron or magical cup if you have one. (More details to follow).

The third workshop on 27th Jan (no workshop in December) will focus on explorations of different systems and means of spiritual attainment and what they all have in common. Irish systems and traditions in particular will be explored as The Tree of Life via the Ogam and also a range of tools for Divination e.g. Clouds, Birds, Bones as well as an overview of other systems such as Astrology, Tarot, Runes and I Ching. Bring a magical stone or disk if you have one. (More details to follow).

The fourth workshop on 24th Feb will focus on Devotion to Deity and the techniques of such in an Irish Context and how people may best work with the ‘Gods’ and ‘Spirits’ of the Irish magical and mystical traditions. Bring a magical spear, staff or wand if you have one. (More details to follow).

The fifth workshop on 31st March will focus on the concept of The Sacred Centre, both of Ireland and the Self. It will include key teachings on the Knowledge of the Self and Universe and draw on the concept of the ‘Soul-Friend’ (otherwise known as the Holy Guardian Angel/Anima/Animus) and the use of Animal familiars. Bring a magical lamp if you have one.
(More details to follow).

The sixth workshop on 28th April will focus on the Art and Science of Magick in general and explore how such may be considered and approached today in terms of science and psychology and the practical use and benefits of such. (More details to follow).

The seventh workshop 26th May will combine elements from all the other workshops and will culminate in the design and performance of both a solo and group magical ritual. (More details to follow).

These workshops are made freely available to all paid up members of the Irish Order of Thelema and are also open to respectful members of the public for a minimum donation of £150/£120. All money raised goes towards the upkeep of the Croabh Rua Community Space. Places are strictly limited and advanced booking and payment is required via: