Workshops with Deirdre Wadding

This weekend we are joined by Deirdre Wadding who will be offering 2 days of workshops, on Saturday a journeying workshop and on Sunday a workshop on using Irish in ritual.

14th October – Journeying into the Stories of Samhain

11am-5pm, Craobh Rua Community Space, Conway Mill, Belfast

The journeying workshop introduces the journeying for wisdom and power using the gateway of stories of this time of year, Samhain.

As we approach the time of the dark year, the sovereignty of the land shows herself as the Cailleach, the face of the ageing year, of wisdom, and of transformation. As the darkness increases, we turn the energy of the work of summer inwards as we go in search of wisdom, steadfastness, and the kindled light in the heart shrine. Samhain is the festival at which the veil with the Otherworld is thin, and when the spirits and the Ancestors join us, as we remember them, seeking their guidance for our life’s journey.

Blending storytelling, the wisdom of the indigenous traditions of Ireland and the active journeying for insight, advice, and the opening of powerful inner landscapes rooted in the myths and landscapes of the island of Ireland.

Deirdre is an acclaimed storyteller, teacher and facilitator in the Irish ingenuous tradition and we are very happy to be able to host this work in Belfast.

Cost: £40 (some places at a concessionary rate are available by arrangement for those who are unwaged)

Journeying Workshop

Using Irish in Ritual

11am-5pm, Craobh Rua Community Space, Conway Mill, Belfast

Deirdre has a long and involved love of the Irish language, teaching it professionally in her role as a primary school teacher, and later using and teaching its use in her work with the indigenous traditions of Ireland.
In her own work as a practitioner of the Irish magical tradition, and in sharing that tradition both she and her many colleagues and students have observed that “the land responds to the use of the Irish language”.
This workshop has previously been taught in condensed form and well received at Éigse Spiorad Cheilteach, an annual festival of Celtic spirituality.
This day long workshop will bring your work to a new level as you learn to address the old gods, ancestors and the good folk (fairies), to ‘set’ space, formally opening and closing ritual through the language of the land Herself.
Cost: £40 (some places at a concessionary rate are available by arrangement for those who are unwaged)

Irish in Ritual


Deirdre is a Celtic Shamanic Priestess and an ordained Priestess-Hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis. She is deeply drawn to mythology, where the seeds of her current spiritual path were sown. The primary spiritual connection for Deirdre is the Land Herself. Her first exploration of Paganism was in a Wiccan coven in 1984. This opened up a world of learning, understanding and the first steps on a very long road. Although ordained into Traditional Craft in 2004, another strand of Paganism called. In 1988, Deirdre first visited Huntington Castle and met Lady Olivia Robertson. Deirdre was at that time attending a Fellowship of Isis Iseum in Sandymount Dublin. It was to be 16 years later when Deirdre was ordained by Lady Olivia, dedicated to the Goddess Arianrhod. Parallel with the study of ceremonial Temple Priesthood, Deirdre pursued her love of the Land through her training and practice in Celtic Shamanism with Cait Branigan and Caitlín Matthews. This connection to the Goddess and the Land flows through all that Deirdre does, her work with People before Profit and since May 2014 as a Co. Councillor in Wexford, apparently the first openly Pagan public representative.