Three Days Celebration and Exhibition

From the 1st to the 9th of April we have been holding the Candle of Vision exhibition. Organised to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of author, artist and mystic George William Russell, the exhibition featured work from artists working with esoteric themes.. We had work from the four corners of Ireland, both literally and figuratively as we had representation from every province. Running nine days (until the 9th of April) the exhibition was a decided success with many visitors from both near and far. Creating spaces for community to happen is important for us, and we hope to pioneer similar projects in the future.

A digital gallery is also in preparation.

On 8th of April we organised a day of talks, workshops, readings and performances to mark both the AE anniversary, and the annual event of the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of The Law, an important day for Thelemites. The day saw an opening ritual, talks by Anne Crossey on art and esotericism, a talk by Brian Breathnach on the magick of Liber AL vel Legis, a soundbath from Sacred Sound Studios NI, a series of readings, a dance performance by Aepril Schaile, poetry, stories, feasting and other wonderful things. We also launched our library project and a special anniversary edition of the book The Candle of Vision by AE. Plans are already underway for next years event which will be even bigger and better!

Our next event, Feis Beltaine is on the 29th of April. Come along and find out about what we do in person!

Invocation of Horus at the Vernal Equinox

At the Vernal Equinox the Irish Order of Thelema met in Belfast to perform the Invocation of Horus. It was also the occasion of the AGM and the membership met to both look back and look forward.

The day was ended with feasting and fraternity.

Strike, Strike, the Master Chord!
Draw, Draw, the Flaming Sword!
Crowned Child and Conquering Lord!
Horus, Avenger!

EVENT: Three Days Celebration

8th April 2017ev

Craobh Ruadh Community Space, Conway Mill,
Conway Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland

 Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

Every year Thelemites around the world meet to celebrate the writing of Liber Al vel Legis, The Book of the Law. This book is a charter of individual liberty as the right of every person.  Those who accept this charter are called thelemites. For those who will, it is a path of self-knowledge towards the implementation of your true will or purpose.

You are invited to participate in An Irish Thelemic celebration, which is also open to other like-minded individuals who would like to join our celebrations.

We will have ritual, readings, performance, workshops, talks, vending and will be running concurrently with the Candle of Vision Exhibition. Listings are subject to change

Love is the law, love under will

Irish Order of Thelema



All Day:

  • Drying Room Gallery: Esoteric Ink… 12pm to 5pm


All Day:

  • Drying Room Gallery: The Candle of Vision (9.00 to 17)
  • Vendors: 1st Floor Reception Area (Vending from 9)*


  • 9.00 AM – Candle of Vision Exhibition Open/ Informal Socialising (Drying Room Gallery)
  • 10.00 Morning Resh and an Introduction to the 3 Days (Drying Room Gallery)
  • 10.15 Opening Ritual -Macha invocation and Reconstruction Ritual (DRG)
  • 11.00 Reading of the First Chapter of the Book of the Law (CRS)
  • 11.20 talk – The Magick of Liber Legis (CRS)
  • 11.50 Anne Crossey
  • 12.20 Noon Resh (DRG)
  • 12.30 – 13.30 LUNCH (pre-orders taken at Vending area until 11.30)
  • 13.30-14.30 Sound bath (DRG)
  • 14.30 Reading 2nd Chapter of the Book of the Law (CRS)
  • 15.00 Ask a Thelemite (Panel including members of OTO, Irish Order of Thelema and A.’.A.’.)
  • 16.30 Thelema in the Irish tradition – frater Storm d’Athrach
  • Aepril schaile Dance Performance – Drying Room Gallery


  • Opening of AE Memorial Library, and the launch of a special edition of The Candle of Vision (Craobh Ruadh) – BYOB
  • Followed by Poets, Bards and Blaggers (open format cabaret/ performances)
  • 21.00 Night Resh, followed by Informal Partying On offsite


Please let us know if you intend to come so we have an idea of numbers. E-mail: 

  This program of events is offered without charge, but donations to the maintenance of our space, or purchases at the exhibition and vending area would be much appreciated.


Meals are available onsite through a café on the ground floor (pre orders for lunch can be made in the vending area). There are also other options within a short distance. Ask at the vending area for reccomendations.

The evening meal on Saturday will by catered for by members of the Irish Order of Thelema (there will be a vegan option – please let us know if there are other special dietary needs). NB!!! For this reason we need numbers of atendees

Accommodation Options

Overnight accommodation can be found through hostels and hotels. Some of the cheaper examples include:

Belfast International Youth Hostel (from £11 a bed a night)

Vagabonds Hostel (from £13)

Global Village Hostel (from £14)

Ibis Hotel (from £70 a room)



 Get There (directions, buses etc)

Buses from the City Centre to venue from Queen Street (marked on the map) approx. every 10 minutes. Press to get off when you see Spires Shopping Centre and the Leisure Centre to your right. Conway Mill in on the right after Falls Leisure Centre on Conway Street.

Venue is also about 10 minutes from the City centre, taking Castle Street, onto Divis Street, onto the Falls Road (straight series of roads from the City centre, crossing the West link). Venue is 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from City Centre, the first turn on your right, directly after the Falls Leisure Centre and Social Welfare offices.


A vending area is onsite where products made by or of interest to thelemites including crafts, books, merchandise can be left. A volunteer in charge of the vending area deals with money and keeps a record of sales. Successful vendors are asked to make a donation. Information of groups or personal services can also be left in this area.

Got other Questions? Contact Us

Feis Imbolg 2017

The Irish Order of Thelema Feis Imbolg gathering involved a devotional ritual unto the Goddess Brigit via a dramatic ceremony in which one of Her Priestess offered healing and the forging of what needed purified and created within each person present and also in wider society. We agreed Fear is what most needed banished in Ireland and Freedom, Tolerance and Courage what most needed creating. The Temple was packed with around 30 people, some coming all the way from Dublin to enjoy the event. After the formal rite, two new members completed the Community Rite and a communal seasonal feast was shared. It was a beautiful occasion, celebrating early spring via the traditions of our native culture under the universal banner of Thelema.

Three Candles That Illumine Every Darkness

Three candles that illumine every darkness – truth, nature, knowledge

Irish Triad (1)

I’ve been musing on an old Irish triad in the context of the Irish Order of Thelema, and the thelemic worldview. The old Irish triad above has significance as much for the Irish person as a thelemite if we but look closely at these three elements of the path.

TRUTH – In Aleister Crowleys conception of existence, truth is supra rational. Rationally any position can be opposed. But there is that which ‘is’ – Aleister Crowley described this as will – the experience of momentum or beingness. “I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle. ‘Come unto me’ is a foolish word: for it is I that go.” This sense of momentum is, at least initially not a self aware force. But truth as an experience of being – or as Crowley surmises in Little Essays Towards Truth – “YE ARE TRUTH”

This acknowledgement of ‘being’ is important, but also that truth is a dynamic and constantly revising sense of self born out of a dynamic engagement with life and living with presence. This brings us onto nature.

NATURE – Many strands of Western esotericism bring us away from the world into theoretical constructs of heavens and transcendence, an escape from our place in the world and likewise ourselves as a dynamic meeting with that world. Much of occultism gets caught up with past lives, fortune telling and the future, and the escape into abstraction. While we may use symbolic narratives we are necessarily called to narrate our experience, and to distance ourselves from the here and now is a logical and theological fallacy. This is not to say there are not experiences of trancendance, but they too are rooted in the here and now and there is no need to divorce ourselves from one to experience the other. With presence there comes a certain reality of living in a place, interacting with its landscape, its culture and its deep sense of rootedness which is a culture rooted in the geographical realities of the land. Why Irish – because that is a very real cosmology, and visceral and present experience – a way of experiencing ourselves, but this need not be the bounds and limits of our explorations either but it is one perspective and reality for me as an Irish person.

With our grasp of the truth of things is a sense of wonder and awe at all of existence – dwelling neither too long on the sorrowful, or the joyous, for both are part of the reality we form. We can both get lost in the trance of sorrow (its all suffering and shit) and in the glittering image (oooh, shiny angel) but as thelemites we are told to achieve both weddings, to live with both realities, not seeking to escape one for the other but to come to a balance of extremes and to reflect our own nature, and our Work and place in the world as an expression of our true selves.

KNOWLEDGE – We know nothing. No Thing. In the qabalistic framework knowledge is corresponding to Da’ath, located in the abyss between the supernals and the rest of the tree. The crown of knowing is ultimately revealed as illusion which we are either revel in or move beyond. Consider that knowledge has a position – a perspective which probably also has its counter image. It is stuck in absolutism, this or that and is dependent on a fixed point – a ‘thing’.

This is not to say learning is without merit, for by widening our world we take into account wider perspectives, and though we may still encounter these as this or that, we can also begin to use ever widening perspectives to experience that there are also things that are comparable or the same, or just a little different, and thus begin to erode the borders of ‘absolute truth’ as rooted in a position. Truth is supra-rational – it is beyond a single position and embraces them all, the good, the bad and the ugly. A widening of knowledge and experience allows us to experience ourselves as both the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the active and the passive – and that which is beyond them, the reconciler between. And indeed their are certain fields of self experience in mysticism and magick which are transcendental of such dualism. What if one could empathise with and encapsulate vastly different positions? And what if one could simply be? The rational and the roads of learning are roads to the supra-rational, but they are the map, not the territory. Cleverness can as much be a trap as a liberator because we are fond of our cleverness and the status knowing gives us, and brings us ever deeper into a dualism of knowing and not knowing and the trap of ‘being clever’ rather than just ‘being’. Intellect is a tool, a means to an end but it is by no means the end of the journey in the Thelemic tradition.

  • Truth is our goal
  • Nature is our field of operation (here and now)
  • And Knowledge and Experience are roads to get there

These universal elements are three candles that illumine every darkness, and which lead us to the achievement of our will and the completion of our Great Work.

Frater Fionn


1) Triad number 210, from The Triads of Ireland by Kuno Meyer (1906)

Winter Solstice – Open Day 2016

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Winter Solstice Rite of Croabh Rua, the Belfast Grove of The Irish Order Of Thelema.

This is both a seasonal celebration and an opimageen day. The day will commence with a talk introducing the work of the Order by Frater Stoirm D’Athrach.

We will be marking the occasion with the Gnostic Gaelic Rite, a ritual combining the traditions of the land with the law of thelema, being “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. This celebration will be accompanied by music on an early Irish metal stringed harp.

All are warmly invited to attend.

Guests are asked to bring with them a contribution for the feast, which will be held after the main ceremony.

The Solstice is one of our most exciting and memorable events, and this year promises to be no exception.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

When: 17th of December 2016ev, from 2.45pm onwards

Where: Craobh Ruadh Community Space, Conway Mill, Conway Street, Belfast

Facebook Event Page:

We’re Organising An Exhibition! The Candle of Vision Exhibition

The Candle of Vision is an exhibition of esoteric art happening from the 1st to the 10candle_flame_1th of April 2017 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This will include both visual and performance art.

The exhibitions title, the Candle of Vision is a reference to seeing into the world of Spirit and is the title of the magical autobiography of AE, the Irish mystic, poet and artist whose 150th birth date is on the 10th of April.

Coinciding with an exhibition of art, there will be a festive celebration of the writing of the Book of the Law with talks, workshops, feasting, poetry, performance and community.

To keep in the loop watch here and follow the event page on facebook.

A facebook event page can be found here


Samhain 2016ev

Samhain was a poignant celebration of our ancestors, marked with an adaptation of the Drink to the Dead ritual and was led by our hard-working and long standing Grove Head. The Priestess wore a dark veil and spoke ceremonially with the ‘voice of the dead.’ The attitude of ‘no fear’ of Thelema and death as a the crown of life was also celebrated in the ritual. Perhaps one of the most moving moments was at end when everyone approached the Altar of the Dead and acknowledged their own lost loved ones. Past members who have passed beyond the veil were also commemorated with honour, namely our founding Grandmaster Wolfe and our dear Brother Storm-Bringer-their selfless dedication to Thelema and the work of the Order ever inspires our hearts. A wonderful homemade feast followed and was opened with a period of reflective silence. We were also very pleased to have an inactive member return after many years and welcomed many new guests to our sacred space, at least one of whom has already asked for formal membership.




autumnal equinox 2016ev

The Autumn Equinox ritual was a performance of The Gnostic Gaelic Rite with our most experienced Priest and Priestess team who ad libed as the spirit moved them on the occasion to add an incredible degree of magical potency, operating with the Station of Fis, the Cauldron, in West.


Seeking Submissions: Fortified Island #7

Fortified Island is the Journal of the Irish Order of Thelema, and focuses on Western esotericism and specifically Thelema. We feature a broad range of contributors from diverse backgrounds. In the last few issues we have been increasingly curating content by soliciting contributions on a specific theme and commissioning content from specific people.

We welcome: articles, artwork, poetry, book reviews, magical records, ritual and more

We have an issue theme of “Doorway of Perception” (including material on Energised Enthusiasm, visions, trance, channeling, rising on the planes, skrying, altered states of consciousness, conversing with spirits etc)

So please consider helping to build a genuinely diverse journal of Thelema by making a contribution. I am happy to discuss ideas.

Issue deadline: end of February (published at the Vernal Equinox)

Submissions to: