Dues and Donations

The work of our Tuath, working as it does in the world, has certain costs attached to its development and running. Among those costs are the maintenance of a permanent temple space in Belfast, the sponsorship of cultural initiatives in the community, and promotion of our work on the island of Ireland. At present most costs are met through membership dues however more resources enable us to develop our work further.

We accept donations towards these costs and towards future initiatives through the donations button (below). We also accept donations towards our work in the form of bequests and the donation of skills and resources. To offer other forms of support please use our contact page to get in touch.

These links are for the payment of dues by existing members. Individuals who wish to join the Community Membership or to go through the initiatory cycle are advised to see the relevant pages. For individuals outside of Ireland please be advised we are preparing a system for associate membership but in the meantime we are happy for support through sale of our publications, through donations (see above) or through collaborations. Members note: concessionary rates are available as well as alternative arrangements. Please contact us to discuss.

Membership Dues