Initiate Membership

The initiatory system of Tuatha Thoil na hÉireann begins with the Elemental/ Provincial Series.

The work of this series is to assist the individuals within it to come to a fuller comprehension of their true nature and purpose by understanding themselves and their environment and applying that understanding in action.

This cycle of five ceremonies is based on a symbolic journey around the Island of Ireland, with each relating to the acquisition of the virtues traditionally associated with the provinces of Ulster, Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Meath.

They correspond closely with the traditional elements of earth, water, air, fire and spirit and present experiences and information which are of largely universal application, within a symbolic framework ideally suited to this Fortified Island of Ireland. The candidate is also taught the benefits of fraternal conduct and of a social system based on contract, where individuals conduct their interactions according to a mutually beneficial agreement.

This cycle is also based on close interaction between sponsor/mentor and candidate/initiate. Acceptance is dependent on securing two sponsors from within the Tuath who attest to your good nature.

Initiations are conducted in person, and are currently only transmitted on the island of Ireland. We are however receptive to these rites being transmitted to international members, and the eventual forming of bodies of Tuatha Thoil na hÉireann in other countries. Application for initiate membership is open to all men and women over 18 years of age.

Beyond the elemental series are a number of operative rites under which research and activity groups are formed. While some of their activities may be open to members from the Community membership and up, their private rites, organisation and discrete teachings can only be pursued after the provincial cycle.

Becoming an Initiate Member of Tuatha Thoil na hÉireann

Candidates can join the Initiate membership without previously being a community member on the condition they secure sponsors, and undertake and contract this aspect of the Tuath’s work. All initiate members are also community members, though not all community members are initiate members

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