RitualsThis section includes a small selection of the rituals used within the Irish Order of Thelema. The Order celebrates a number of rites including public rituals, liferites, seasonal ritual, and private ritual including initiations

The Star Emerald – A ritual of banishing and protection developed from the Star Ruby and L.B.R.P.

The Breastplate of Thelema – A traditional Irish Lorica, adapted to the conditions of the Current Aeon

The Reconstruction Ritual – A group adaptation of Liber V vel Reguli, incorporating four invocations of the Elements drawn from Irish Tradition.

The Reconciler Ritual – A ritual of opposites and their union, the three faces and forces of initiation and the Lord of the Aeon Horus. Written for the autumnal equinox

Drink To The Dead – A Samhain Ritual to mark and celebrate the Irish festival of the Dead

Lebor na Grainne – An Irish adaptation of the ritual form of Liber Resh vel Helios