Working Groups/ Projects

The Irish Order of Thelema operates a series of Working Groups, Study Groups and projects. Some of these include:

Fortified Island Press: The publishing arm of the Order, releasing books and monographs aimed at promulgation and presenting the work of initiates, study and working groups. Publications have included the Fortified Island Anthology, The Method Of Science, The Journal of Ogam Studies, an Introduction to the Irish Order of Thelema, and several more books are in the works. Fortified Island Press also cooperates with the Arts Guild, Do What Thou Wilt! Productions. We have another 3 publications planned in the first half of 2017. Check out our Publications.

Do What Thou Wilt Productions: Do what thou wilt! Productions is a creative media collective built out of a group of very diverse people who work through performance art, visual art, music, events management and more to create initiatives of free art and culture. Our next big project will be the Candle of Vision Exhibition

Ritual Proficiency Working Group: The Irish Order of Thelema has a closed working group aimed at training and skillsharing around the technologies of ritual and magick. The details of the group and its Work are necessarily withdrawn.

Craobh Ruadh Martial Arts Working Group: A working group working with martial arts and the Red Branch school of martial arts, a syncretic system with correlates with the ogam.

Irish Order of Thelema Library Project: In a bid to encourage a breadth of reading an knowledge, and to enable self education a library is being established in the Craobh Ruadh Community Space, the Belfast base of the Irish Order of Thelema. Shelving has recently been erected, books have been donated by members and work progresses apace. A formal opening is projected for the three days celebration 2017ev